Brzezinski: Putin is trying to scare the West with the threat of nuclear war /

"Putin’s ideology is in full bloom, [and] Russia has begun to dream of power, based on illusions of its greatness,” Brzezinski said.

One way to ensure that the West is stuck in paralysis was, according to Brzezinski, for Russia to instil real fears of the possibility of a nuclear war.

"Demonstrating to the world what a powerful nuclear arsenal Russia has immediately raises the question – are not we moving in the direction of a nuclear conflict?" Brzezinski said.

"Personally, I wouldn’t associate the references to the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact with the long-range flights of Russian aircraft… Recently they have [just] been a strange fascination of Putin. His first aim is to intimidate Europe."

According to Brzezinski, Russia’s main goal in Ukraine is to create internal problems that will lead to a situation in which independence is longer viewed as an advantage.

"If independence is associated with ongoing conflicts, individual problems of everyday life, then questions will be raised about the survivability of the state. Therefore, I believe that Putin has decided on war, which will continue in the form of continuous strife," Brzezinski said.

He said he believes Ukraine should "effectively discourage Russia from making war, as it is the only way to put an end to Putin’s plans.”