The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry is convinced that the calls of Russian officials not to recognize Holodomor [Ukraine’s Great Famine] as a genocide are incompatible with the declared strategic partnership of the two countries.

This is said in the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry’s comments, forwarded to UNIAN.

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The comments recall that, speaking at the 7th UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva, a Russian representative once again called on UN to abstain from recognizing Holodomor, the mass famine in Ukraine in the 30ies of the last century, as a genocide against the Ukrainian nation.

This message aroused indignation in Ukraine, the Foreign Ministry’s press-service reads.

“Such statements, which are made from time to time by Russian representatives, are, in fact, nothing but a cynical attempt to humiliate and discredit the memory of millions of our innocent brothers and sisters, who were victimized and starved, to wipe out even the record of this outrageous page in the bloody chronicle of the Communist totalitarian regime”, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry is convinced.

The Ministry emphasizes that the mentioned-above calls of Russian officials are “incompatible with the declared strategic partnership of our two countries and undermine confidence in such declarations of RF”.

As UNIAN reported earlier, Moscow believes the issue of Ukraine`s 1932-1933 famine should not be used for political goals. On March 6, Valery Loshchinin, envoy to the UN office in Geneva, told the seventh session of the UN Human Rights Council that Ukraine`s Holodomor could not be recognized as genocide under the 1948 Convention on Genocide.