The Swedish Migration Service refused to extend the residence permit to the Ukrainian woman, who survived the attack in Stockholm in April 2017.

On the day of the terrorist attack, the 38-year-old Ukrainian woman, Iryna, came to the Ahlens shopping mall and got under the wheels of a truck that drove into the crowd, EuroPravda reports with reference to Aftonbladet.

She spent three weeks in the hospital, where she underwent several surgeries, although the doctors could not save her right leg.

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Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan Leven visited her at the hospital, promising that everything would be fine.

After that, the Ukrainian woman lived in Stockholm for more than a year with her daughter. She had a temporary residence permit, because she was a witness in the case of an attacker, Rahmat Akilov.

Recently, the Migration Service of Sweden refused to hand out a permanent residence permit to Iryna, arguing that the Ukrainian woman is unable to take care of herself, so she must go home to get medical assistance and support from friends and family.

The migration service believes that Iryna needs medical care and rehabilitation available in Ukraine, and the decision to expel her from the country does not contradict the European Convention on Human Rights.

Now Iryna and her daughter have two weeks to voluntarily leave Sweden. However, she is going to appeal the decision of the Migration Service, although the appeal may take several months.

As UNIAN reported, an Uzbekistan national Rahmat Akilov on April 7, 2017, hijacked a truck and drove into a crowd of pedestrians in the center of Stockholm.

As a result of the terrorist attack, five people were killed and ten were injured.

In June of this year, Akilov was sentenced to life imprisonment.