Latvian military train to repel "Ukrainian scenario" at Namejs 2018 drills

14:00, 30 August 2018
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Gatis Dieziņš, Ministry of Defense of Latvia

According to legend, groups of well-trained men approached the city council, demanding a change of power in the city and the whole country, provoking clashes with the police. In response, the Latvian army raised battalions of the National Guard and special forces, Europeiska Pravda reports with reference to

The military emphasize that it was the allegedly unarmed local rallies that laid the start to the seizure of power by Russian saboteurs in Ukrainian cities of Donetsk and Luhansk.

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The suppression of "clashes" in Latvia was also worked out by the allied Polish military.

Servicemen, officers of the Interior Ministry structures, representatives of the allied armies are all taking part in the Namejs 2018 drills. In total, the number of troops involved reaches some 10,000 people. The role of opponents is played by troops of NATO Allies. The exercises will last until September 2.

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