At the conference on `NATO’s Bucharest Summit – transformation of the Alliance and Polish and regional perspectives`, held in Warsaw, the NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer has delivered a keynote speech, according to the Georgian Times.

Scheffer said that `I have mentioned NATO’s open door in connection with the Balkans, but I want to emphasise it again. Because there are other countries, too, that wish to join NATO – like Ukraine and Georgia. As long as there is a gap between where countries are and where they want to be, the unification of Europe will not be complete`.

And as long as some countries feel that they are not entirely masters of their own future, not least because others try to deny them their free choice, Europe is not the common space that we want it to be. And so I believe our Bucharest Summit should also send a clear signal to Ukraine and Georgia that NATO’s door remains open`.