The Russian part in RosUkrEnergo looks as improper as the Ukrainian one.

Boris Nemtsov, a leader of the Russian Union of Left Forces, claimed this to a UNIAN’s own correspondent in Brussels.

“When RosUkrEnergo was created, the founder of it was Gazprombank. But, in fact, Gazprombank does not belong to Gazprom, it belongs to friends of Vladimir Putin – brothers Mikhail and Yuri Kovalchuk. At the beginning, Gazprombank was the founder, but, having done nothing, it sold its stake to Gazprom, attention, for 2 billion 400 million euro. Isn’t  it a good affair?”, B.Nemtsov said.

“It is a super-affair, that is, people earned 2.4 billion euro from the air. Besides, many still believe that Gazprombank belongs to Gazprom – this is not true”, he added.

B.Nemtsov stressed he still regrets that he did not publicize this information in his book “Putin. Results”, which was presented on February 7, 2008.

As UNIAN reported earlier, RosUkrEnergo is a company, registered in Switzerland. 50% of its shares belong to Gazprom, and other 50% - to Ukrainian businessmen Dmitriy Firtash (45%) and Ivan Fursin (5%). Since 2006, RosUkrEnergo had been the monopoly middle-Asian gas supplier to Ukraine.