Opposition parties in the Czech Republic say Prime Minister Andrej Babis should step down amid reported allegations of ordering associates to kidnap his son last year in a bid to obstruct a fraud investigation.

The prime minister was probed by Czech and European Union authorities in 2017 over hiding ownership of a farm and conference centre - Capi hnizdo (Stork Nest) - so that it would qualify for a two-million-euro subsidy meant for small businesses, according to Al Jazeera.

In January, the EU's anti-fraud office said it had found "irregularities" in payments related to the subsidy.

On Monday, a report by local news outlet Seznam quoted Andrej Babis Jr. - the prime minister's 35-year-old son who had been under investigation along with his father for subsidy fraud - as saying that he was forced by the husband of his doctor-turned-ruling-party politician into hiding last year to prevent him from testifying in the case.

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In comments captured in video, Babis Jr said that he was told to choose from "taking an extended holiday" in the Russia-annexed Crimea or be admitted to a mental facility after unknowingly signing documents critical to the decade-old case.

The report on Monday sent shockwaves in the Czech parliament, with leaders from a group of six opposition parties agreeing on Tuesday to file a motion to hold a vote of no-confidence that could threaten to upend Babis's already-vulnerable coalition government.

In a joint statement, the opposition also called on the prime minister to resign from his post until an impartial investigation could be carried out.