Vlasta Juricek via flickr.com

The head of the Czech Republic’s counter-intelligence service says his agency broke a Russian spying network earlier this year and completely paralyzed its activities.

Michal Koudelka also says the agency known as BIS prevented dozens of Russian and Chinese spies from operating on Czech territory in last five years, according to the Associated Press.

Koudelka’s statement Friday comes a day after President Milos Zeman, known for his pro-Russian stance, dismissed the agency's annual report.

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In the document published Monday, BIS warned against the activities of Russian and Chinese spies and said it’s “obvious” that Russia was behind cyberattacks against the country’s foreign ministry.

Zeman claimed the report lacked evidence.

However, Prime Minister Andrej Babis has rejected the president’s criticism, saying his government has no complaint about BIS.