Taras Chornovil, a Ukrainian political analyst and foreign relations expert, has said it is unlikely that a nuclear war may begin between the United States and the Russian Federation, as Moscow is technically weak.

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"Putin sees his every sortie he escapes punishment for as a weakness of the Western world and encouragement to escalate. Moscow has not fulfilled the terms of the agreement for a long time. It has created missile carriers uncontrollably, equipped them with nuclear warheads, stuffed Kaliningrad region with missiles, and now violates the agreement on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, bringing carriers and, obviously, warheads into occupied Crimea. This is a critical threat to Europe, the European command of NATO and the geopolitical interests of the United States. Of course, the threat is growing for Ukraine," he said during an online Q&A session with the Ukrainian news outlet Glavred's readers.

According to the political analyst, Russia previously had a more favorable economic climate, which allowed the Kremlin to secretly build up weapons.

"The bubble has burst, and now the United States is demonstrating its readiness to go back to the arms race. The United States has a financial and economic 'fat,' while 'Putistan' has only skin and bones," the expert said.

Chornovil added the situation was similar to that during the Cold War, when Reagan nudged the USSR into disintegrating.

"With one thing that is different: Soviet and American missiles could have mutually destroyed both superpowers. And now all American missiles can reach Russia, and Russians only threaten Europe," he said.

The political analyst stressed there is no parity of nuclear weapons now, therefore only a "suicide killer may unleash a nuclear war."