USA absolutely support the Ukraine’s aspirations to join NATO MAP, and hope that the other NATO members will share this stance.

U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor claimed this at a briefing for journalists today.

W.Taylor stressed that U.S. President George Bush and other NATO leaders are studying the issue of Ukraine’s joining MAP.

He expressed a believe that the Bucharest NATO Summit will make a positive decision on Ukraine’s joining MAP.

He said that it will be a success for Ukraine and for NATO.

At the same time, the Ambassador refused to assess by figures the Ukraine’s chances to join MAP at the Bucharest Summit. However, he believes rather realistic that Ukraine may receive a positive answer on this issue.

W.Taylor pointed out that joining MAP does not meet becoming a NATO member. He stressed that this is only the beginning of this process, after which the decision on membership will be made. W.Taylor noted that NATO will consider this issue only after the Ukrainian nation gives a positive answer on joining NATO at a referendum.