German law enforcers said Tuesday they have detained a man who was allegedly behind a hacking attack on personal data of hundreds of the country's politicians and celebrities.

A 20-year-old man from Hesse state was arrested in his apartment on Sunday, officials say, according to The New York Times citing a report by The Associated Press.

The police gave no further details, while German news agency dpa, citing unidentified security sources, reported that the suspect had confessed.

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As UNIAN reported earlier, private data and correspondence of hundreds of German politicians had been released online.

Members of all major German parties except the Russia-supported nationalist Alternative for Germany (AfD) were targeted in the leaks.

Germany’s counterintelligence service, the BfV, has previously accused hackers working for the Russian government of being behind a series of cyberattacks on the German parliament and other state institutions.

Last year it emerged that three prominent AfD politicians flew to Moscow in a private jet paid for by the Russian government in 2017. Two of the politicians concerned have since left the party.