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Russian opposition's Konstantin Borovoi says there are several dozens of factors that could lead to an explosion of public anger in Russia and cause a chain reaction.

"Now there are several processes ongoing in Russia that could spark a chain reaction, which in turn could lead to an explosion of public contempt: this is the truckers' strike, as well as the latest events in Dagestan and Ingushetia [territorial disputes between Federation subjects]. That is, almost any event in Russia could cause such reaction," the politician told the Fakty newspaper.

According to the politician, the Kremlin is very concerned about this, while remaining unable to predict what exactly could trigger major social unrest.

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Borovoi says a spontaneous social fallout could start from trivial things.

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"The Kremlin is now making all possible efforts to prevent this from happening, or at least to retain control over the process. However, not everything depends on them. Of course, they are pro-active, constantly increasing the number of security agencies. In this way, they're trying to protect themselves," he said.

"But at the same time, by such actions, the Kremlin is creating additional provoking factors. For example, tomorrow some failed suppression of protests could entail serious repercussion which would only aggravate the situation. And this could happen at any time," the politician added.