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A total of 31% of Poles like Ukrainians, while 41% retain a negative attitude, that's according to the Polish Public Opinion Research Center (CBOS).

Last year, the survey said every fourth respondent had a positive attitude toward Ukrainians (24%), while 40% of respondents felt the opposite way, Radio Poland reported.

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This year, the Czechs, Italians, Slovaks, Hungarians, and Americans ranked first among the nations to whom the Poles have the best attitude. At the same time, Poles are least friendly to the Roma and Arabs.

Some 28% of polled Polish citizens have a positive attitude toward the Russians, while 43% treat them negatively.

According to CBOS, this year, the Poles showed better attitude toward almost all nations included in the survey.

The share of respondents with a negative perception of Russians and Belarusians have decreased considerably.