Photo from Wikipedia / Olek Remesz

What is more, 67% of those polled consider that the events in the east of Ukraine pose a threat to the entire Europe, and 55% to the entire world.

Fifty-six per cent of the pollees believe that Poland, jointly with other EU member states, should support Ukraine, while 6% said that Poland is obliged to provide special support for its eastern neighbors.

However, 33% of those polled would prefer that Warsaw in no way participated in the Ukrainian events. Sixty-two per cent are against Polish financial assistance to Ukraine, while half that percentage is in favor of such assistance.

The Poles are critical of Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz’s decision to lend Kyiv EUR 100 million: 41% of the pollees believe that it is the excessive burden on the Polish economy. Only 23% consider it to be a good initiative, and a mere 5% believe it to be a very modest proposal on behalf of Poland.

The survey revealed a mixed assessment by the Poles of the sanctions the EU has already introduced against Russia over Ukraine: 51% consider this measure as insufficient, 20% as adequate, 8% as excessive.