Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has said Belarus is absolutely committed to the idea of the Union State construction with Russia, however, the main principle of a corresponding project is creating equal conditions.

"Belarus remains absolutely committed to the idea of the Union State construction. I want, first of all, our allies and opponents in the Russian Federation to hear that. And the main principle of this project is the creation of equal conditions for our compatriots and economic operators. The principle of equal conditions should be strictly fulfilled. The postulate of sovereignty also remains unshakeable for Belarus," he said at the session to discuss the participation in integration structures and cooperation with European organizations on March 5, BelTA wrote.

Lukashenko remarked that historically the broadest field for interaction has been with Russia. However, because of certain issues emerge from time to time, the countries need to address and solve them. "The most topical issues are in the economic dimension today. There are virtually no problems in other fields," the Belarusian leader said.

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The president also reminded that the Russian government has put forward an initiative to revise the approaches to integration. "We are prepared for that. At the government level, we have created groups for the preparation of proposals regarding the further development of integration processes between the two states. And today we need to once again revise the results of this work if there are any," Lukashenko said.

"We need to once again analyze if there are any untapped resources and how we can use them," he said.