Two Lufthansa flights made emergency landings in Poland on Monday due to unruly passengers, including a man from Russia, apparently drunk, who began shouting that he was a terrorist, police said, according to AFP.

A flight from Frankfurt to Kyiv was forced to make an unscheduled stop in Katowice in southern Poland.

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The passenger “cried three times that he was a terrorist, so the captain (of the Airbus A320) decided to land at the nearest airport,” police spokesman Cezary Zaborski said.

“Everything suggests that he was drunk,” Zaborski told Poland’s domestic PAP news agency.

Police hustled the unidentified man away, enabling the flight – with about 100 passengers on board – to resume what should have been a two hour and 20 minute journey to the Ukrainian capital.

A few hours later another Lufthansa flight between Bangkok and Düsseldorf made an emergency landing in Warsaw because of a German passenger, apparently drunk and aggressive, said police.

The man was arrested and the plane resumed its flight. The two passengers if convicted could face up to three years in prison.