Prime Minister Donald Tusk while in Ukraine, Thursday afternoon, is to discuss Polish-Ukrainian preparations for Euro 2012, according to PAP.

 Ukrainian PM Yulia Tymoshenko told a press conference that Ukrainian authorities are willing to help any investors interested in Euro 2012.

 PM Tymoshenko explained to Polish journalists that the Ukrainian preparations for the event had been delayed by the political rows in Kiev, but she ensured that her government was back on track and working hard again.

 The Ukrainian Premier expressed her confidence that Poland and Ukraine would manage to complete all necessary investments on time.

 ‘Our countries have always succeeded through extraordinary efforts’, she told the press conference.

 The Premier said that her government had submitted with the Ukrainian General Council a package of new bills to facilitate domestic and foreign investments before Euro 2012 and added that she would meet head of the Ukrainian Parliament on Monday to ensure all the bills were passed as soon as possible.

 According to press speculations, PMs Yulia Tymoshenko and Donald Tusk will sign a Polish -Ukrainian Euro 2012 co-operation agreement during Tusk’s visit in Kiev today.