Responding the journalists’ questions in the course of a joint press conference of the two prime ministers as regards prospects of joining Ukraine to Membership Action Plan Yulia Tymoshenko stressed the stance of Ukraine’s officials in this issue is clearly worded in the letter addressed to the NATO Secretary General while decision on it will be adopted during April summit in Bucharest.

According to the government’s press-office, Yulia Tymoshenko expressed her personal gratitude to the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Poland Donald Tusk for the support of Ukraine in the negotiation process with NATO and for his efforts directed towards the decision concerning Ukraine to be positive.

In his turn Donald Tusk aired that “Poland has always supported and now and in future will advance attempts of Ukraine to join NATO Membership Action Plan”.

Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland is convinced that despite the complexity of this issue “Ukraine will accrue its ambition in Bucharest”.