U.S. President Donald Trump has expressed his willingness to mediate the settlement of the ongoing conflict in Hong Kong that sparked over a controversial extradition bill.

"I know President Xi of China very well. He is a great leader who very much has the respect of his people. He is also a good man in a 'tough business.' I have ZERO doubt that if President Xi wants to quickly and humanely solve the Hong Kong problem, he can do it. Personal meeting?" Trump wrote on Twitter on August 14.

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As UNIAN reported earlier, mass protests in Hong Kong have been ongoing since early June. The protesters oppose the bill initiated by local authorities, which aims to establish a mechanism for the extradition of persons suspected of violating the laws of the People's Republic of China or those who are wanted for prosecution in mainland China.

Under pressure from the local community, Hong Kong's Chief Executive Carrie Lam removed the bill from the agenda, but this did not stop the wave of anti-government protests, during which the police repeatedly used tear gas against activists.

Weeks-long violent protests plunged Hong Kong into the worst political crisis of decades, challenging the central government in Beijing.