Presidential couples took part in the official lunch on the occasion of the state visit by the President ofthe USA George W. Bush and Mrs. Bush at Horodetsky House.

In his speech President Yushchenko expressed gratitude to the American side for supporting Ukraine’s accession to NATO would be beneficial for both sides. on its path towards Euro-Atlantic integration. He also expressed assurance to the American delegation that

Victor Yushchenko also said that the Ukrainians will always be grateful to the USA for their scientists’ contribution into Holodomor research and renewing the truth about the events.

Separately he thanked the Americans for their support to Ukraine during negotiations with the WTO on the country’s membership. “Common values and approaches in strengthening democracy, peace and security unite our countries, broadening our agenda and putting new challenges before us. I am assured that political, public, business circles of our respective countries actively work on strengthening the fundament for our partnership, which has withstood trial by the time”, - said Victor Yushchenko.

From his part, President Bush noted that Ukraine and the USA share common vision of the future and are trying to promote freedom. Here he marked Ukraine’s active participation in peacekeeping and peacemaking operations around the globe. Speaking Ukraine’s intention to strengthen its relations with NATO by gaining MAC, George Bush said: “The United States positively support your aspirations. We are proud of standing by your side in Bucharest and will remain standing shoulder to shoulder with you.”