The victim has numerous bruises on his face and body / Photo from

Authorities in the Polish town of Zory are searching for five male suspects who have brutally beaten a Ukrainian student during an allegedly xenophobic attack.

The incident occurred in a town park on Saturday evening, the Ukrainian-registered European Pravda news outlet said.

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The men asked a 19-year-old student where he came from and when he said he was from Ukraine – they started to beat him.

He was knocked unconscious; he had his teeth knocked out; there were numerous bruises on his face and body.

He was found by two men in the park, they called an ambulance. The following day he filed a police report. Zory's police have started searching for the attackers.

NGO Center for Monitoring Racist and Xenophobic Behavior in Poland announced a reward of 4,000 zlotys, or US$1,000, for helping to capture the suspects.