The United Kingdom has eased sanctions against the Russian Federation by introducing amendments to the Export Control (Russia, Crimea and Sevastopol Sanctions) Order 2014.

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"Article 3 amends the description of the activities which require prior authorization under Article 4(2b) of the Russia Sanctions Regulation in Article 5 of the 2014 Order to reflect amendments to that Article to allow certain activities necessary for certain flights within the ExoMars 2020 Mission Framework," according to the UK's Export Control (Sanctions) (Amendment) Order 2019.

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"In Article 5(2)(a) for the words from 'of Hydrazine' to 'certain launchers,' substitute 'of certain substances destined for the use of certain launchers or launches or fueling of certain satellites, or for certain tests and flights in the framework of the ExoMars 2020 Mission,'" reads the report.