Bulgaria backs the accession of Georgia and the Ukraine to NATO and the other cooperation structures in the European/North Atlantic region, according to Sofia News Agency.

This was announced Wednesday by the Speaker of Bulgaria`s Foreign Ministry Dimitar Tsanchev before the beginning of the NATO Summit Meeting in Bucharest, the Bulgarian National Radio reported.

"We support the integration of Georgia and the Ukraine with the European and the North Atlantic institutions", Tsanchev stated.

Yet, he added that the transition from an active dialogue to an action plan with the two former Soviet Republics did not necessarily mean their NATO membership was certain.

When asked whether Bulgaria`s support for Georgia and Ukraine`s accession to NATO would affect its relations with Russia, the Foreign Ministry Speaker said the decision of the North Atlantic Alliance were sovereign, and that they should not be considered as directed against third countries.

Tsanchev also said Bulgaria supported Macedonia for NATO but that this support was not unconditional.

"If Skopje proves that it can fulfill its commitments as part of NATO, it will continue to enjoy our support in future", the Speaker stated adding that Bulgaria followed carefully the developments of Macedonia`s name dispute with Greece.