Ukraine’s joining NATO to render problematic the issue of Crimea belonging. Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov claimed this speaking in the air of TVC Russian television.

“Russia has to make certain steps to leave the Agreement on Friendship with Ukraine. We also have to make respective decisions in the sphere of defending our interests at the Black Sea fleet”, Yuri Luzhkov pointed out.

“Recently Victor Yushchenko claimed he will not make steps for Ukraine to leave the Agreement on Friendship. At the same time, the Ukraine leadership, contrary to the will of their people, strive to enter NATO. What friendship are they talking about, when Ukraine is accessing a hostile military structure, which is impending over Russia”, Yuri Luzhkov said.

The Mayor also stressed that the friendship of Ukraine and Russia is profitable for Ukraine in the sphere of gas supplies and commercial-economical ties. Yuri Luzhkov claimed that the Ukraine’s joining NATO is a unique step by its rashness.