Nato has confirmed it will not offer membership to Georgia or Ukraine but agreed to review the decision on the ex-Soviet republics in December, BBC report.

The alliance also said it would not invite Macedonia to join amid protests from Greece over Macedonia`s name.

But Nato confirmed that Balkan neighbours Albania and Croatia would be asked to join the club.

France`s Nicolas Sarkozy announced at the summit in Romania hundreds of extra French troops for Afghanistan.

Nato leaders also agreed to fully endorse US plans to build a missile defense system in Eastern Europe.

US President George W Bush had called for Georgia and Ukraine to be allowed to join.

But the move was opposed by Germany and France and effectively blocked, since Nato must agree unanimously on new members.

Macedonian officials said the rejection was a "huge disappointment" that would undermine stability in the Balkans.

Georgian diplomats earlier said the expected "no" would be a victory for Russia, which has voiced concerns at Nato`s eastward expansion.

The BBC`s Jonathan Marcus in Bucharest says the invitations for Albania and Croatia are a damage limitation exercise after the summit atmosphere was poisoned by the diplomatic wrangling.