The drills focused on energy infrastructure protection /

A major drill on internet isolation was held for several days in Moscow, Rostov, Vladimir, and other Russian cities amid Russia's push for an independent "Runet".

On December 16-17, energy infrastructure objects were disconnected from the World Wide Web, operating solely on Runet, said deputy head of the Ministry of Communications Alexey Sokolov, who headed the exercises he called a success, Vedomosti reports.

"Today we are working out threats in the electric power sector. We have similar exercises scheduled for the transport sector, industrial complex, and a number of other areas," Sokolov said.

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The Ministry of Communications added that the exercises "are of a research nature" so ordinary users will not notice any changes because "threats will be worked out only on selected segments, stands, and training grounds."

The law that allows the country's censorship agency, Roskomnadzor, to control all traffic flow into and out of Russia in certain cases passed in the spring of 2019, according to Meduza.

Roskomnadzor has begun to install tools in Internet service providers' networks allowing the agency to cut off Russian web traffic from the rest of the world in case of a cyber threat to the Runet as a whole.