A car plowed into a group of 17 young tourists overnight near a popular ski resort town in northern Italy's South Tyrol province on Sunday, killing at least six people.

Italian police said they believed those killed were Germans part of a tour group in the region. Several others were injured, some seriously. The tourists, all young people, were standing along the side of a road when the vehicle truck them, DW wrote.

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A police spokesperson said the driver of the car, 27, failed a breath test for alcohol and has been arrested on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter.

Authorities said they do not believe the crash was intentional and an investigation is underway.

Germany's Foreign Office in Berlin did not comment on the incident.

Luttach, or Lutago in Italian, is a small town near the Austrian border that is popular for skiing and other winter sports.

Around 160 rescuers responded to the scene after the incident.

Last weekend, three Germans were killed in an avalanche in South Tyrol. Five people were under investigation for the deadly avalanche accident.