Russian opposition journalist Alexander Ryklin is convinced the new leader of the Russian Federation, who will replace incumbent President Vladimir Putin, will either have to "drive the country into fierce Stalinism" or initiate major democratic transformations.

"Something needs to be done with Crimea and Ukraine, because the sanctions will not be lifted," he told the Ukrainian online news outlet Obozrevatel.

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According to the journalist, there will be shifts in the country even if the new leader of Russia belongs to Putin's entourage. "Everything will change. Because any new leader will have to take into account that the situation is a deadlock for Russia."

Moreover, if the new leader chooses "fierce Stalinism," dictatorship, there will be no capitalist model of the economy in Russia.

"At one time, [Yegor] Gaidar said that tyranny does not combine with capitalism. When we have tyranny, concentration camps appear then. But tyranny and free business do not come along," Ryklin said.

Yet, he suggested there might be positive changes under the new leadership. In particular, because an option "to roll back and put the previous leadership in the wrong is a serious motive."