The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned Belgian Ambassador to Russia Alex Van Meeuwen on June 18 to announce a protest over the arrest of bank accounts of the Russian Embassy in Belgium, Russia's permanent missions to the EU and NATO in Brussels and also a number of other Russian organizations, the Russian ministry's information and press department reported.

"The Belgian ambassador was told that Russia considered such an action by the Belgian authorities as an openly hostile act and a gross violation of generally recognized norms of international law," the ministry said.

In this connection, the Russian side demands that the Belgian authorities take immediate measures to restore Russia's sovereign rights violated by Belgium, and ensure the normal functioning of Russian institutions and legal entities.

"Otherwise, the Russian side will be forced to consider taking appropriate measures in respect of the property of the Kingdom of Belgium in territory of the Russian Federation, particularly the property of the Embassy of Belgium in Moscow, as well as its legal entities," the Russian ministry said.

The Belgian ambassador assured he would immediately inform his country's authorities about the Russian side's objections, the ministry added.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the European Court of Human Rights ordered Russia to pay Yukos EUR 1.86 billion in compensation for violations of the right to property committed against the company.