President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has said he doesn't see himself as a reigning tsar but is ready to stay in power forever if Russian people want him to.

In an interview with the Russian news agency TASS, answering a journalist's question on what awaits Russia in 2024 and whether he will stay in power forever, Putin said: "That's if you want. Do you want this?"

Asked, where he sees himself after the completion of his presidential term in 2024, Putin said: "I don't know, we'll see. There is still a lot of time ahead."

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According to Putin, he understands "the elites are nervous" in a situation of uncertainty.

"Of course, this is a negative thing, this imbalance. Such an imbalance is possible. I am aware of this. But still, the people is the primary source of power," he said.

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The Russian president added he still has four years of presidency lying ahead, and now there is no answer whether he will stay "at the helm" of Russia.

Answering a question on how he feels about being called a "tsar," Putin said: "Well, this isn't true. You know, anyone else could be called a tsar. I work every day, I don't reign. A tsar is someone who sits there, looking down and saying: 'I will order and they will do this or that.' Meanwhile, all he does is trying on his hat and looking in the mirror. I work every day."

As UNIAN reported earlier, Russian State Duma on Tuesday, March 10, lifted restrictions on the number of presidential terms.