Since the outbreak of the novel Covid-19 coronavirus, more than 245,700 people have contracted the disease that has already taken 10,046 lives.

At the same time, over 88,400 patients recovered, TSN reports with reference to Worldometer.

Most of the infected are still being observed in mainland China, especially at the epicenter of an outbreak of infection in Hubei Province's Wuhan. In China, more than 80,900 cases have been confirmed, including 3,248 lethal ones. However, in the past few weeks, the spread pace has been on decline. For the second time, not a single local case of coronavirus infection has been confirmed.

The worst situation beyond mainland China is now in Italy, where record-high mortality is reported. A total of 3,405 deaths have been confirmed among over 41,000 cases.

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The second-largest number of confirmed cases is in Iran: over 18,400, including 1,284 lethal. Also, significant numbers are seen in Spain (some 18,000 infected and 831 dead), Germany (some 15,000 infected and 44 dead), and the United States (nearly 14,000 cases, including 217 lethal). France recorded a sharp jump in coronavirus deaths: 372 of over 11,000 confirmed cases. The next largest number of cases of Covid-19 is South Korea, where 8,600 people contracted Covid-19, of whom 94 died. As in China, the pace of spread is on decline there.

In Ukraine, meanwhile, the number of patients increased to 26, three of whom died.

As UNIAN reported earlier, an outbreak of a novel coronavirus was recorded in the most populous city of Central China, Wuhan (12 mln people), at the end of December 2019.

The World Health Organization recognized it as a "global emergency", describing it as a multi-cell epidemic.

A national quarantine has been announced in Ukraine, which will last until April 3.