The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine has sent a note to the Russian Foreign Ministry, requesting an immediate explanation from Russia over the recent statements made by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

According to the press-service of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, the note requests an explanation for the following statements: at Russia-NATO Council on April 4 of the current year, the Russian Federation President said: “Ukraine is not even a state! A part of its territory is Eastern Europe, and a part, a significant one, was presented by us!”.

According to Kommersant newspaper, he [Putin] also made it clear that if Ukraine is adopted to NATO, this state would merely disappear. In fact, he threatened that Russia may begin procedures to seize the Crimea and the Eastern Ukraine.

On April 8, Russian Foreign Minister S.Lavrov, in his interview with “Ekho Moskvy” radio, confirmed the information, publicized by Kommersant newspaper. Besides, he added: “We will do everything to prevent Ukraine and Georgia from joining NATO”.

“Basing on the fact that devotion to principles of neighborhood, mutual respect to sovereignty and territorial integrity is an indisputable foundation of the strategic partnership relations between Ukraine and the Russian Federation, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has sent a note to the Russian Federation Foreign Ministry, with request to immediately provide the explanations of the Russian side about the statements made by the Russian leadership”, the Foreign Ministry’s press-service informs.