The number of deaths from the novel coronavirus originating from China's Wuhan has risen to 24,077 people.

As of March 27, there were 532,788 total confirmed cases globally, according to the Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases dashboard by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University.

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Some 122,672 people have already recovered.

As of Friday morning, there 85,991 cases confirmed in the United States, 81,782 in China, 80,589 in Italy, 57,786 in Spain, 43,938 in Germany, 29,566 in France, 29,406 in Iran, 11,812 in the United Kingdom, 11,811 in Switzerland, 9,332 in South Korea, 7,469 in the Netherlands, 6,909 in Austria, 6,235 in Belgium, 4,046 in Canada, 3,629 in Turkey, 3,544 in Portugal, 3,372 in Norway, 3,143 in Australia, 2,985 in Brazil, 2,840 in Sweden, 2,693 in Israel, 2,031 in Malaysia, 2,023 in Denmark.

Italy's death toll is 8,215 people, the highest indicator among other countries.

Coronavirus cases were registered in 176 countries.

Ukraine confirmed 196 cases, including five deaths, as of Thursday evening.