The document, which resolutely criticizes Russia, was supported by 128 deputies, while 11 voted against, according to

"While keeping in place all sanctions against the Russian delegation decided in January in response to the situation in Ukraine – has decided not to go further and annul the delegation's credentials at this time, 'as a signal of its commitment to an open and constructive dialogue,'" the PACE said in its statement on the official website.

Adopting a resolution based on a report by Stefan Schennach (Austria, SOC), the Assembly said there had been "a manifest lack of progress" as regards its January demands, but said it remained convinced that "an open dialogue, in good faith, between the Assembly and the Russian delegation" was important for finding a lasting solution to the conflict in eastern Ukraine and the illegal annexation of Crimea.

The parliamentarians called on the Russian delegation – which has not taken part in the work of PACE since the sanctions were applied – to reverse its refusal to co-operate with the Assembly and to re-establish dialogue.

The Assembly also repeated its call on the Russian authorities to – among other things – withdraw all its troops from Ukrainian territory, fully implement the Minsk agreements, reverse the illegal annexation of Crimea, and release Nadiya Savchenko and others.