Head of one of the interior ministry hospitals in Kyiv region, Yuriy Sak, who is part of the Ukrainian medical team deployed in Italy to help local doctors, has told about how coronavirus treatment algorithms and quarantine in this European country differ from those in Ukraine.

"The hospital in which we're working was designated from the very beginning of the epidemic as the facility that will only accept coronavirus patients. The latter are brought by ambulances or report on their own. At the ER, all required tests are taken, including coronavirus tests. Here they use PCR, which is a bit different from where they are now using express tests," the doctor told TSN.

Asked about some tips in the efforts to fight COVID-19, the doctor noted that Italians are much more responsible about quarantine, taking restrictions more seriously.

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"Since the day of our arrival, we've been seeing completely deserted streets, which isn't natural for Italy. In Ukraine, I can say from the information that I have, quarantine is not being strictly adhered to. Here even a helicopter once flew around – we were warned that the police tightly control all quarantine rules. If we move around the city, the police stop us and ask where we're going and why," the Ukrainian medic said.

As UNIAN reported earlier, 431 people died with the coronavirus in Italy in the past 24 hours. This is the lowest death rate per day since March 19, when 427 deaths were recorded.