Ukraine relies on the support of the Council of Europe in carrying out the constitutional reform. Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko stated at a joint briefing with PACE President Lluís Maria de Puig in Strasbourg in the framework of her visit to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, according to the government’s press-office.

“Ukraine extremely appreciates assistance of the Council of Europe heading toward carrying out real reforms in issues on protection of human rights,” Yulia Tymoshenko said.

According to her, in view of the fact that Ukraine is carrying out the constitutional reform at this point, assistance of the Council of Europe is particularly valuable and useful.

As the Prime Minister noted, cooperation between Ukraine and the Council of Europe would enable to have absolutely new quality of the development of democracy and freedom in our country. Moreover, Yulia Tymoshenko thanked the PACE President for the invitation to take the floor at the April session with the report on Ukraine.

The Head of Ukrainian Government noted that “the Council of Europe gives freedom, law supremacy and protection of human rights all over the world”.

In his turn, Lluís Maria de Puig promised that the Council of Europe would support Ukraine in future, in particular, in issues on carrying out reforms and democracy development.

“We have the great honour to greet Mrs. Tymoshenko in the Council of Europe,” the PACE President added.