The Moldovan parliamentary group of the Christian-Democratic People`s Party (PPCD) filed on Monday a decision project of the Moldovan Parliament „Regarding the condemnation of the Great Famine (Holodomor) from the years 1932-1933 from Ukraine”, which is considered to be a legislative initiative, DECA-press Agency informs.

Christian-democrats propose that the Republic of Moldova follows the path of other democratic states and give a fair appreciation of this tragedy of the Ukrainian nation.

The project filed by PPCD mentions that the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova considers that the tragedy of Great Famine which killed over seven million innocent people in 1932-1933, was a method of mass murder by means of hunger, practiced by the Bolshevik system, which intended to destroy peasantry as a foundation of the Ukrainian nation, weaken the capacity of resistance and will of freedom and state independence of Ukrainian citizens.

The Great Famine has partly affected the former Moldovan Soviet Socialist Free Republic, the Southern regions of Russia, Northern Caucaz and Kazakhstan.