Council of Europe Secretary General Terry Davis calls on Georgia and the Russian Federation to settle disagreements by peaceful means, according to a CE press-release, forwarded to UNIAN. In particular, the Davis’ statement reads as follows:

 "Tensions between Georgia and the Russian Federation regarding Abkhazia are reaching a point at which there is a risk that they will escalate out of control.  Both sides must do everything in their power to prevent any further deterioration of the situation with negative consequences for the local population and stability in the region.  Georgia and the Russian Federation are also responsible for the restoration of circumstances favourable to a peaceful political solution to the problems of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which must respect the territorial integrity of Georgia.  The tone of the speech delivered by the President of Georgia last night and his message to the local population in Abkhazia and South Ossetia are encouraging in this respect. 

I call on the Russian Government to ensure that the presence of their peacekeeping troops will have a positive influence on peace and stability in the region. I also remind both countries that, as members of the Council of Europe, they are committed to settle disagreements by peaceful means."