Earlier this year in a video Aleksandrov said he had been on a spying mission in Ukraine as part of a 14-member Russian special forces group when he was wounded and captured by Ukrainian troops, according to Ukraine Today.

The Ukrainian news agency TSN found Alexandrov's parents doing garden work in their front yard in a remote vilagge of Rozhky in southern Russia just as their son was about to go on trial in Ukraine on charges of terrorism. Both parents refused to speak with the journalists from TSN news agency about their son.

"I don't need any of that information which was aired on all TV channels. It hasn't added any optimism to my life," said the soldier's father.

Later the village council head explained that the parents have been "secretive" about their son and regularly visit the military base in Tolyatti, where Aleksandrov served.

As earlier reported, Aleksandrov and Yerofeyev are charged with acts of terrorism, alleging they killed Ukrainians in combat.

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