Almost a fourth of Russians believe that the Russian Federation has hostile relations with Ukraine.

These are the results of a poll carried out by the All-Russian Center for Public Opinion Studies, forwarded to UNIAN news agency.

In particular, in the opinion of some 25% of those polled, Russia has the most hostile relations with USA, Georgia, and some 21% consider Ukraine to be one of Russia’s enemies.

Besides, some 5-8% of those polled assessed as enemies the Great Britain, Poland, and the Baltic countries as a whole, especially Estonia. A less number of those polled (some 2-3%) mentioned Japan, China, and other countries.

At the same time, in the opinion of those polled, Russia has the friendliest relations with China (some 23%), Germany (some 17%), and Belarus (some 14%). From 6 to 9% of respondents assessed as friendly the USA, Kazakhstan, India, and France. Some 4% of those polled believe in friendly relations with the EU countries, and some 3% called friendly Japan and Bulgaria.

The all-Russian poll was carried out on April 5-6 of the year 2008. On the whole, 1 600 people were interrogated in 46 regions of Russia. The error margin does not exceed 3.4%.