Russia is "forced" to upgrade its army with high-precision and high-tech weapons, since many models are outdated, as the weapons are getting more sophisticated worldwide: "It’s not about a global [arms] race," said Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with Rossiya1 TV channel, according to RIA Novosti.

Read alsoUS military consider Russia main nuclear threat to their state"In principle, all of our partners are aware, at least at the expert level, that Russia has (high-precision) weapons in its disposal. One thing is to know at the expert level that Russia allegedly has such weapons, and another thing is to ascertain its existence, in the first place… and [to ascertain] its high quality. Third, that there are people who are well trained and prepared, who may use these weapons systemically. And the fourth, that Russia has the will to use it if it meets the national interests of the state and of the Russian people," said Putin.