The Ukrainian Security Service has forbidden Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov to enter the territory of Ukraine.

According to SBU spokes person Maryna Ostapenko, Russian citizen Yu.Luzhkov neglected the SBU notice about inadmissibility of actions, hampering national interests of Ukraine and its territorial integrity. Henceforth, he is forbidden to enter the Ukrainian territory.

According to M.Ostapenko, at present the SBU are investigating into the provocative statements made by Yuri Luzhkov in Sevastopol on May 11. The Ukrainian Security Service also probes into his eventual connection with laundering illegally acquired money at the territory of Sevastopol.

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SBU also issued a warning to Russian lawmaker Kostantin Zatulin about inadmissibility of spiteful public statements, which are contrary to the national legislation of Ukraine.

At the same time, SBU thanks political forces and public organizations that spoke in defense of the national sovereignty of Ukraine.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on May 10, Moscow Mayor Yu.Luzhkov, well-known for his statements that Crimea and Sevastopol belong to Russia, was handed a written notice about inadmissibility of illegal actions at the Ukrainian territory.

However, on May 11, speaking at a concert on occasion of the 225th anniversary of the RF Black Sea Fleet, Yu.Luzhkov claimed that the issue of Sevastopol “is still unresolved”. Yuri Luzhkov said: “In 1954 the city of Sevastopol was not included into the Oblasts, the territories, which were transferred to Ukraine by Nikita Khrushchov.

We state that this issue remained unresolved, and we will solve it. We will solve it in the interests of the truth, in the interests of the state positions and the state right that Russia has on its naval base – Sevastopol”.