Most of the officials in the Russian presidential administration will remain in their posts under new president Dmitrii Medvedev. The few new faces in the administration either come from Gazprom or from the former government.

Thus, the president will have seven assistants, including Konstantin Chuychenko, executive director of RosUkrEnergo AG (Switzerland), who also heads the legal department of Gazprom.

According to Itar-Tass, referring to the Kremlin press-service, another six assistants of the president are Aleksandr Abramov, Sergey Prikhodko, Dzhkhan Pollyevu, Larisa Brychyov, Arkadii Dvorkovich.

According to BarentsObserver,former deputy head of the government administration, Mr. Aleksey Volin, says to newspaper Vedomosti that the composition of the new presidential administration is the result of what Dmitrii Medvedev himself created when being head of the presidential administration in the period 2003-2005.