Member of OU-PSD faction of Ukrainian parliament Vladyslav Kaskiv was not allowed to enter the Russian territory.

According to Pora civil party spokes person Yulia Ivanova, at present V.Kaskiv is staying in Sheremetevo airport in Moscow, waiting for the arrival of the Ukrainian consul.

According to Russian officials, the Ukrainian MP was banned to enter the Russian territory basing on Article 27 of RF Law “On procedure of arrival to the Russian Federation and departure from the Russian Federation”. In particular, they referred to Provision 1 of this law, which bans a foreign citizen to enter Russia, if “it is necessary, to secure defense capacity or security of the state, or to provide the state order, or to protect health of population…”

Today V.Kaskiv was due to take part in “To Barrier!” program at NTV television. The program should have focused on the Ukrainian-Russian relations and the status of Crimea. The opponent of V.Kaskiv should have been RF State Duma Vice Speaker Vladimir Zhirinovskiy.

Journalists Roman Skrypin and Vakhtang Kipiani accompany MP Kaskiv on his visit to Moscow.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on May 12 Ukraine barred Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov from entering the country for suggesting that it should cede the city of Sevastopol to Russia. Speaking on Sunday at Sevastopol celebrations for the 225th anniversary of the foundation of the Black Sea fleet, Luzhkov said the Crimean port city belonged to Russia. A lease agreement with Ukraine allows Russia to use Sevastopol as the main base for its Black Sea Fleet until 2017.