After his meeting with Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Victor Yushchenko held press availability on the results of the talks with Mr. Brown.

At the event Victor Yushchenko informed journalists about the signature of Joint Statement with Prime Minister Gordon Brown and described it as historical.

According to the President`s press-office, the Joint Statement reads as follows:

The Guest of Government Visit to the United Kingdom of President Victor Yushchenko highlights the close friendship between our two countries, and the willingness to cooperate closely across a broad spectrum of mutual concerns. Our relationship is based on shared values and interests: expanding economic freedom and democracy; protecting security; respect for human rights and the rule of law; supporting innovation and technological advances particularly to promote sustainable development. Our discussions today have highlighted our common priorities, which we intend to pursue together.

Deepening Ukraine`s integration in European, Euro-Atlantic and global institutions European Union

The Prime Minister and the President believe that it is in the interests of both our countries that the door to EU membership should be open to Ukraine. Ukraine is a European country. It has the potential to contribute to the prosperity and security of the EU. Once Ukraine fulfils the criteria, it should be admitted into full membership of the EU.

The UK believes that the next step is for the EU and Ukraine to conclude an Association Agreement, including a deep Free Trade Agreement. This would represent substantial strengthening of our ties and would offer significant opportunities for Ukraine to integrate into the European economy, align with EU energy policy and take part in cooperation on tackling organised crime and trafficking. The EU-Ukraine Summit in September should aim to mark significant progress towards this goal.

Ukraine is committed to making progress on key reforms to meet the EU`s political and economic criteria. Free elections and a free media have consolidated democracy in Ukraine. Tomorrow, 16 May, Ukraine will formally accede to the World Trade Organisation. The Prime Minister congratulated President Yushchenko on this achievement.

Both the EU and the UK bilaterally are committed to providing advice and technical expertise to help Ukraine make progress on reform. The UK`s bilateral assistance includes training for officials on EU issues as well as support for new mechanisms to coordinate policy and legislation related to EU integration across the Ukrainian government.


We were pleased with result of the NATO summit held in Bucharest when NATO Allies affirmed that Ukraine will become a member of NATO. We will work together to help Ukraine move towards that objective as soon as possible. We believe that Ukraine should now begin a period of intensive engagement with NATO as well as pursuing internal reforms to address the outstanding questions pertaining to its Membership Action Plan application and we look forward to further progress at the NATO Ministerial in December.


We are committed to an ever-closer working relationship as Ukraine moves towards eventual membership of the EU and NATO. Ukraine is a strategic partner for the UK in the world. Our two countries are working side by side to help bring security and development to countries plagued by war and poverty. Ukraine is contributing to all current NATO operations. Today we announce Ukraine`s inclusion in the UK/France-led initiative to support helicopter capability upgrades and pilot training, aiming to make more helicopters available both in Afghanistan and for other multinational operations. This represents an important and clear confirmation of Ukraine`s important enabling role in the development of EU and NATO operational capabilities.

Continuing Ukraine`s defence and military transformation

The UK is firmly committed to supporting Ukraine`s defence reform and modernisation of its Armed Forces. The bilateral programme is constructed in partnership with Ukraine and is designed to help Ukraine to meet the objectives of the NATO-Ukraine Action Plan and Annual Target Plan, through activities such as the UK Special Adviser based in the Ministry of Defence. We also participate in joint military exercises, and the UK offers training for peace support operations and places at military colleges in the UK while investing heavily in supporting the development of the English language training system for the armed forces. This is an important enabler for most of the other activities, as well as for interoperability with the forces of other nations.

Strengthening the rule of law in Ukraine, promoting reform of the legal system, law enforcement and security structures, as well as accelerating efforts to combat corruption and trafficking in persons

Ukraine and the UK are working together to tackle illegal migration and human trafficking, including through implementation of Ukraine`s Agreement with the EU on Readmission. We will conduct negotiations on a bilateral visa facilitation agreement to improve visa procedures for genuine travellers.

Building Ukrainian energy security, energy efficiency, diversification of sources and transparency

We are committed to strengthening our partnership on nuclear and radiological safety and security. We welcome the progress being made towards construction of the new safe confinement at the Chernobyl site and we recognise the importance of maintaining strong political commitment and a stable regulatory environment to ensure successful completion of this vital work. The UK Government has recently contributed an additional £9.5m to international donor programmes at the site, the first such new commitment from G8 donors.

We join in highlighting the importance of energy sector reform in Ukraine for UK/EU energy security, through improved transparency which in turn will enable much-needed international investment in the Ukrainian gas and oil transit system. A pledging conference could play an important role in putting in place the conditions necessary for upgrading Ukraine`s infrastructure network for hydrocarbon transit. We stress the importance of improved energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions; and thereby encourage the use of the instruments available in the EU-Ukraine relationship to this end, in particular Ukrainian accession to the Energy Community Treaty.

Continuing to work together toward resolution of the Transnistria and other regional conflicts and to encourage the promotion of democracy in Belarus

Ukraine and the United Kingdom renew their commitment towards an early resolution to the Transnistria conflict through the 5+2 talks in compliance with the implementation of the plan "To the Resolution through Democracy" developed on the basis of the initiative of the President of Ukraine.

We agree to support vigorously the EU Border Assistance Mission and the unified customs regime at the Ukraine-Moldova border and contribute to EU assistance to Ukraine in the management of migration.

Ukraine and the United Kingdom will work towards greater democratisation and respect for human rights in Belarus.

Enhancing bilateral cooperation through exchanges and visits

Ukraine and the United Kingdom agree to pursue an active dialogue, including high-level visits between our two capitals. Both sides will use such visits to enhance and energise work on key priorities.

Ukraine and the United Kingdom agree to promote people-to-people contacts and increase focus on cultural, educational and professional exchange programs. The United Kingdom will examine ways of facilitating visa access to such categories of travellers.

The United Kingdom stands ready to assist Ukraine in its preparations for hosting the Euro2012 football championships, and has already initiated exchanges between the British and Ukrainian police forces.

Remembering the 1932-33 Holodomor (Great Famine) in Ukraine

Ukraine and the United Kingdom will cooperate to promote remembrance and increase public awareness of the 1932-33 Holodomor (`man-made Great Famine`) in Ukraine including within the framework of the international organisations.