Ukraine expressed readiness to take part in a peacemaking operation in Abkhazia.

Deputy Foreign Minister of Georgia Grigoriy Vashadze said this in an interview with “Vremya Novostey” Russian newspaper, published on May 19.

“Ukraine has already expressed its readiness. Should other CIS states send at last symbolic peacemaking contingents, it would have a wholesome effect on the peacemaking operation”, G.Vashadze said, commenting on perspectives of broadening the format of the peacemaking operation in Abkhazia, which is conducted under the aegis of CIS.

“Should CIS be a viable organization, there would not be any problems. I guess our Russian colleagues will block the move. But, I’d like to admit, none of Georgian leaders has ever raised the question about banishing Russia from the peacemaking format”, the Georgian deputy FM stressed.

G.Vashadze also confirmed the intent of the Georgian side to provide the deployment of European police in the conflict area.

As UNIAN reported earlier, late in April Presidents of Ukraine and Georgia Victor Yushchenko and Mikheil Saakashvili issued a joint statement, calling on Russia to refuse its plans on Abkhazia and Southern Ossetia.