"The Czech Republic is known for its well-balanced position on the Syrian conflict," he said, TASS wrote.

"Syrians will confirm that a peace conference cannot be held, say, in France, since that country supports terrorism and supports the war and does not support peace," he said. "All [the parties] were positive about the idea about Prague."

Assad confirmed reports on possible signing of a peace agreement with the political opposition in the Czech capital city. This idea was voiced for first time by Czech President Milos Zeman two months ago.

"It [the signing of an agreement in Prague] is quite possible," the Syrian president stressed, adding both the Syrian government and the opposition were committed to this idea.

A key condition for the settlement of the Syrian crisis, according to Assad, is uprooting of terrorism. Only after the defeat of terrorism, it will be possible to establish efficient political dialogue and normalize life in the country, he said.

He called on Europeans to extend help to refugees fleeing the war-torn country. "Most of them are decent citizens of Syria, patriots and honest people. However terrorist seek to infiltrate Europe disguised as refugees. It is hard to say how many of them there might be," he said.