On the week from 20 till 26 July 2006, the situation on Transdnistria section of Ukrainian – Moldavian state border remained controlled and unchanged, according to the Mission of Ukraine to European Communities.

Consignments for Transdnistria companies were admitted to the territory of that region without any difficulties.

Import of foodstuffs, medicines and other goods to Transdnistria was conducted in a usual manner, involving no complications.

During that week 4 606 of foodstuffs (including 3 224 tons of meat and meat products) entered Transdnistria from the territory of Ukraine (by transit and directly from Ukraine).

Some attempts of illegal import of goods, mainly foodstuffs, from Transdnistria to Ukraine were observed. During the week Ukrainian Customs Service stopped two attempts for illegal movement of 32,5 tons of paltry meat, 2 tons of alcohol and seized those consignments.

Movement of transits trains (passenger and cargo) through the territory of Transdnistria was not resumed. Passenger and cargo railway transportations continued to be redirected to ‘Mohyliv-Podilsky - Veltchynets’.

59 consignments of Transdnistria companies, with customs bonds of Republic of Moldova, aimed for partner companies in Ukraine, Albania, Egypt, Switzerland, Israel, Canada, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Romania, Byelorussia, Russia and were cleared by Kelmenetska, Dnistrianska and Belgorod-Dnistrovska Ukrainian customs offices last week.