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The Anti-Corruption Foundation, founded by Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny, on December 1 published an investigation, which, in particular, says one of the prosecutor general’s sons allegedly owns a Greek hotel; besides, the prosecutor general’s sons are allegedly shareholders in two key companies of the Russian Railways rail monopoly, TASS wrote.

The prosecutor general has called all accusations false.

Chaika said Navalny "played a rather modest part in that story."

Asked by the Kommersant business daily a relevant question, Chaika said: "I have no doubts that W. Browder and special services standing behind him were those who ordered that lying movie."

"As an important confirmation of that, following injection of the film in Russia, a powerful unprecedented insulting attack was made on me and my family members in newspapers, on television, in the Internet in a few European countries (Germany, Switzerland, Greece, etc.) at once," he said.

A Russian court found Browder guilty of tax crimes and sentenced him in absentia to nine years in prison.

"Investigation of other crimes committed by him and his accomplices continues," the prosecutor general said.

One of the goals pursued by those who ordered the movie, he said, was to discredit the Prosecutor General’s Office, the prosecutor general and Russia.

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