Polish Foreign Minister Anna Fotyga told the PAP news agency on Tuesday that Poland would support Ukraine irrespective of the type of power chosen in that country, according to People’s Daily.

She said it was unlikely for Ukraine to alter its Europe- oriented drive and hold on to Russia once again.

Fotyga made the statement on the day when Ukraine`s President Victor Yushchenko started consultations with the leaders of political forces in the parliament.

She said Poland was preparing different scenarios for different type of political developments in Ukraine. She stressed that contacts between the two countries let Poland support Ukraine irrespective of who would take over power in that country.

"Ukrainian society made a certain choice and we should respect it," she underlined.

Ukraine has been mired in a political crisis since the parliamentary vote earlier this year, in which Viktor Yanukovych`s Party of Regions won the most seats but fell short of a majority in parliament.

Because the parliament failed to form a new government more than 60 days after it held the first plenary session on May 25, Yushchenko now technically has the right to dissolve the legislature and call new elections.

However, he has appeared reluctant to take such a move and held talks with Yanukovych on Tuesday about forming a coalition government.